How to make a digital grimoire

A book of shadows, or a grimoire, is a book that witches use to keep information about their craft including tracking spell efficacy, moon phases and signs, tarot logs and more.

There aren’t a lot of options, especially if you want something customizable. I do have a physical grimoire, but it’s mostly for my own art and reference pages that won’t need to change in the future.

The first thing you should do is list out what you’re looking for in a book of shadows. Do you want someplace that just stores raw data, and doesn’t need to look too fancy? Do you want something that can be shared to others’ or is kept completely private? The digital format isn’t for everyone.

One solution that worked well for me for a while is Google Docs. It’s easily accessible from any computer or mobile device (which was important to me) and it was pretty easy to keep things organized… for a while. Soon I had so many docs and folders, it was getting a little unmanageable!

Then I started using a web application called Notion to keep track of the notes I took while learning programming. This was especially useful to me in the context of programming because they are one of the few ‘notepad’ web apps that support syntax highlighting, which makes all of the special programming words light up according to a specific color scheme.

I saw a few posts around for people who use Notion as their bullet journal, which is also a really cool idea. I have a section that I use kind of to that effect. I think it’s important to mention that I believe Notion projects are public unless you add privacy rules – which I highly recommend if you’re to do journaling of any kind.

Let’s get to the witch stuff

It didn’t take long before I started considering using Notion for witchy things. It started with Astrology. I was originally keeping this giant document relating to my natal chart inside of a Google Doc. It became difficult to find things, so I worked on moving it over to Notion, in a more organized way.

It occurred to me that I could also use this app for recording my Tarot entries. I love to keep track of how frequently a card comes up, and I feel that I always benefit from writing down my interpretations. I use Notion for this too, because they have a ‘journal’ page template that lets you write & tag entries.

I tag my entries with every card I pull and I have a separate tag for which deck I used!

Here are a few pages (and subpages) I have designated under my ‘Grimoire’ folder:

  • Astrology
    • natal chart & interpretation
    • info about transits
    • info about planets/houses/signs/elements
    • everything about the moon
  • Tarot
    • log of every self-reading
    • individual card correspondences
    • list of decks I own/decks I want
    • list of tarot spreads I’ve created and want to reuse
    • tips for getting to know a new deck
  • My Deity (Bast)
    • list of correspondences
    • prayers I’ve found/created
    • collection of epithets
  • Spellbook
    • list of spells I’ve done, ways in which they did/didn’t work
    • list of spells I want to do
    • common spell correspondences (herbs, candles, etc.)

As you can see, I can pretty much put anything in here! The best part is that it’s synced to the internet, which means I can edit or reference it from anywhere whether I’m at work or home, or at a friend’s house. There are also apps for iOS and Android to access the app and comfortably edit/add more information!

Notion is only free up to a certain number of ‘blocks’ of content. You can have up to 1,000 on a free plan, but if you like to go crazy organizing and tracking info like me, you can upgrade for $48 a year.

Since I use this not only as a digital grimoire but as a regular journal, a financial tracker, and a general all-purpose notebook, I think it’s pretty worthwhile.

I should note that I’m not endorsed by anyone or anything whatsoever, so this is just a recommendation based on my own experiences.

Have you ever tried keeping a digital grimoire? What did or didn’t work for you?