Payment Terms

Payment Terms: For all readings under $100.00, the full fee is due at the time your request is made, prior to the reading. Payment must be received to Junie the Witch before the commencement of your reading. For readings over $100.00, a 20% deposit is due at the time the reading is scheduled to reserve your appointment. Due to the time and labor required for the longer readings, you must reserve the appointment well in advance with a deposit. Within 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment or right before your reading begins, full payment must be tendered to Mystic Rose Tarot. Due to the difficulty with debt collection, all payments for reading requests must be tendered in advance.

Payment Methods. For online readings, Junie the Witch accepts debit, credit cards or PayPal. All payment transfers are done through the third party platform(s) PAYPAL, so please be familiar with the privacy policy and terms of use for these third party platforms. Junie the Witch is not liable for any mishandling by these third party platforms. For in-person readings, cash only. Junie the Witch does not accept checks or money orders. If your credit card is declined or payment is not properly transferred due to deficiencies on your end, then Junie the Witch will be entitled to the balance owed plus a 25% interest as additional charge for the deficiency.Refund Policy:  Tarot readings by Junie the Witch constitute a professional service and due to the nature of the service and labor involved, all readings are non-refundable. However, if no reading was performed your fee will be refunded to you in full. Junie the Witch exercises great reasonable care and diligence in performing each and every tarot reading.