Deck Review: Karma Cards by Monte Farber

Today I want to do a quick review of an oracle deck I recently acquired called Karma Cards. These cards are heavily based on astrological correspondences.

It is highly unique to other decks, and not in a way that makes it difficult to use.

This deck is actually three decks of cards. One consists of planets, one of astrological signs and one of astrological houses. Each of these mini-decks are meant to be shuffled and dealt separately. They are also intended to be read in spreads of three cards, one from each deck. Together, the words on each card actually form six different sentences, three in red and three in blue.

The way Farber describes it in the guidebook is this:

“If you want to know the outcome of a situation, read the BLUE panels. If you want to know what you should do about a situation, read the RED panels … for the answers to ‘What should I keep in mind when I…”, read the RED (action) panels, and for the answers to ‘What kind of situation/mood/atmosphere can I expect to encounter or prepare for…’ read the BLUE (action) panels.

As a sample reading for this post, I drew Pluto in Virgo in the 12th house. It gave me the following advice:


  • Resurrect the serving of others seeking oneness with all there is.
  • Get to the heart of the details of philanthropy.
  • Do or die! You must do what you must do and keep your involvement hidden.


  • The need for control of methods for the healing power of your faith.
  • An obsession with the analyzing of hidden tendencies.
  • A power struggle resulting from the perfectionism of large institutions or overwhelming events.

Okay, so it can be a little wordy and obtuse but they can be fun to deconstruct, kind of like poetry.

The guidebook offers in-depth and astrologically accurate interpretations on the specific planets, signs or houses you draw. I love how a single reading gives you so much to read and think about. In that way I think this deck is most useful for shadow work or other in-depth readings.

If you’re at all interested in astrology, I highly recommend this deck!

Why tarot “works”

I’ve been reading tarot for over ten years on and off. I’ve gotten a handful of readings from professional readers both online & in person and I’ve gotten even more for free from friends in the tarot community.

The cards can be eerily accurate, or cryptic (and usually eventually accurate) but what makes the cards ‘know’ things about us?

There are generally a few theories ranging from psychological archetypes to communing with/via spirits and deities.

Personally, I believe that since tarot is such a visual tool, it allows our brains to process the information the cards give us in a different way than we might if we were just giving advice. Since we are using the right-side of our brain in this interpretation, it allows readers to meld their own intuition with the interpretation of the card.

I used to hear the word ‘intuition’ and thought it meant nothing, or something irrelevant. I know now from copious personal experiences what intuition is, and what it feels like. Intuition is like imagining or dreaming about a situation happening in a particular way, and then it does. Or thinking about someone you haven’t spoken with in forever and then they reach out to you, seemingly out of the blue.

Whenever I start really ‘tuning in’ with my intuition, I can notice a difference right away. I become more sensitive in a way I can’t quite explain and it allows me to sense things I might not otherwise sense.

I believe using tarot with a heightened sense of intuition allows you to perform readings not just for yourself, but for other people, even – and especially in some cases – complete strangers.

Tarot cards have interpretations but there are multiple different meanings for every card. This is where intuition comes into play – having a particular feeling that one meaning is standing out bolder than the others.

This is the interpretation I subscribe to, but that doesn’t mean it’s “right”! There are loads of different tarot readers who approach their tools differently.